SSH access is available for all cPanel hosting plans. You can connect via SSH with simple steps below:

Step 1 - Activating the Shell Access

If you have one of our cPanel Shared Hosting Plans or you want to activate SSH for the main account of your cPanel Reseller Plan, you can simply access your account on HostingManage:

Look for the SSH Access and click on Enable:

If you have a Reseller Plan and need to enable this function for your clients, please contact our Customer Success team and we will enable it for you 🚀

Step 2 - Generating SSH Keys

Inside your cPanel, search for SSH Access on the Security tab:

Once there, select Manage SSH Keys to create a new pair of keys or manage the existing ones:

If you are setting up SSH access for the first time - click on Generate a New Key button, so cPanel will be able to create a pair of public and private keys:

On Generating a Public Key, we recommend to not change the Key Name, Key Type and Key Size, so you only need to fill the password desired for the pair of keys:


  • The password you set for your Public Key doesn’t need to be the same as your cPanel login password.

Then, we only need to authorize the Public Key created. For that, click on Manage:

And Authorize:

Step 3 - Download Private Key

Now you need to download the Private Key to your computer so you can upload it to the desired software you’ll use to access SSH.

For that, navigate back to the SSH Access section, click on View/Download that is located on the Private Keys section:

If you are using a Linux system, the keys are ready to be installed, so you only need to click on Download Key:

If you are using Windows and/or Putty software, we need to convert the key to PPK format. In order to do that, scroll to the bottom of the page, enter the password you chose for the pair of keys and click on Convert:

All done, you can now download your Private Key and use it freely with your Windows machine 😊

Step 4 - Connection

For this article, we will use Putty as the software to connect through SSH. You can follow this tutorial to download it on your computer.

After setting it up, you need to upload your Private Key.

To do that, select ConnectionSSHAuth. Then click on Browse to select your Private Key file on the field Private key file for authentication:

Once you do that, go back to the Session section, fill up your hosting plan IP address, port, select SSH as Connection Type and click on Open:

On the terminal screen that will show up, enter your cPanel username on login as shown here:

Lastly, enter the password you created while generating your Public Key:

That’s it! Now you know how to connect to your cPanel account via SSH 😊


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