If you want to use the default Mac email application, you can configure it automatically. You can also automatically configure Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

If you are setting up a different application or prefer to set it up manually, you can do it easily by collecting your email details and pasting them to your email client configuration.

In case you are using Titan Email, you can connect to an email client via the mobile app.

Step 1 - Gathering your email details

After you have an email account created (hPanel, cPanel, or Titan Email), you can go ahead and collect your current email details:

In case you are not completely sure about your email password you can easily reset it for hPanel or cPanel.

Depending on if you are using hPanel or cPanel, the email configuration details will differ. For this particular article, we will use hPanel and IMAP as a reference.

Step 2 - Setting up email in Mac Mail

  • Make sure you have Mail application already installed (or install it);

  • Refer to this article for detailed instruction on how to add an email account.

The window with all IMAP and SMTP parameters inserted will look like this:

After you click on Sign In, your email account will appear in the Mail application 👍

Fixing possible errors

Most of the time, errors are linked with incorrect parameters you are pasting to your email client. For such cases, it is highly recommended resetting your password and input parameters one more time, following the tutorial.

If you face any difficulties with it, you can always contact Customer Success team 😊


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