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How to Enable Disk Quota on Your VPS
How to Enable Disk Quota on Your VPS

Enabling second-level disk quota on your OpenVZ VPS at Hostinger

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Disk quota on a server is a limit set by the system administrator on the amount of disk space that can be used. The purpose of setting disk quotas is to prevent users from taking up all the available disk space, which can lead to performance issues or system crashes.

How to Set a Disk Quota

Step 1 - Preparations

While the disk quota can be enabled from hPanel, you will need a control panel that supports this feature, such as cPanel or Plesk, to set the exact values.

Hitting disk quota limits can make your VPS inaccessible - proceed with caution

Step 2 - Enable Disk Quota

Once you have verified that your control panel supports disk quota, navigate to the VPS dashboard, and choose the server:

Next, select Settings on the left sidebar:

And scroll down to find Enable Disk Quota. Click on the toggle to enable it:

Step 3 - Set Up Limits

Now that Disk Quota is enabled go to your VPS control panel and specify the desired values to limit the account storage space of your users. You can check the official documentation of your control panel for more detailed information.


  • This feature is not available on KVM VPS

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