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If you want to set up your mailbox on different devices or mail clients (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, iOS emails and Notes) you can do this automatically with Hostinger Email.

How does it work?

For iOS devices, you only need to get a configuration profile and install it on your device. A step-by-step guide can be found here: how to use auto-config to set up email on your iOS devices.

If you are using Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird for Android or Windows, all you need to do is open Emails → domain name → Configuration Settings page. If your domain is pointing to Hostinger nameservers, simply click on Add CNAME record:

If your domain is pointing elsewhere by nameservers, scroll down to the Configuration Settings section and find the needed information under the Automatic Configuration:

Just set these records from the service where your domain points to by nameservers.

In both cases, it might take up to 24 hours for DNS records to propagate. After the propagation is completed, you can enjoy emails being configured automatically 🎉

Detailed instructions for both email clients can be found here:


  • If you are interested in setting up other applications or email clients, you can set them up manually

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