How to Set Up “Contact Form 7” With Hostinger Email

Linking the “Contact form 7” WordPress plugin with Hostinger Email

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Having a contact form on your site is a must these days, as it's a convenient way to communicate with your website visitors. For that, we recommend the WordPress plugin called Contact Form 7.

First, install the plugin on your WordPress website. Then, go ahead and set it up.

You'll be presented with a premade contact form that can be used right away. Copy the shortcode and paste it on your website:

The code for a contact form by the "Contact Form 7" WordPress plugin

Alternatively, you may create a new contact form that would suit your custom needs:

Creating a new contact form with the "Contact Form 7" WordPress plugin

Hostinger Email Server Settings

IMAP (incoming)

POP3 (incoming)

SMTP (outgoing)


Port number: 993

Encryption: SSL


Port number: 995

Encryption: SSL


Port number: 465

Encryption: SSL/TLS

Best Practices

  • The From: address used in the Mail section of Contact form 7 is especially important in determining whether emails are sent and received properly

    • Make sure to use an email address that's linked to your domain name, i.e., an email address that you have set up with your hosting plan

  • The To: and From: email addresses cannot be the same

  • If you don't specify the From: address, it's automatically prefilled with wordpress@your-domain.tld

  • If the wordpress@your-domain.tld mailbox is not created, an error is shown when sending emails


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