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Having a contact form on your website is a must these days, it’s a really convenient way to communicate with your website visitors. For that, we recommend Contact form 7 as it’s easy to set up and use!

So first you need to install Contact form 7 on your WordPress. Once that’s done you can go ahead and set it up.

You will be presented with a premade contact form that can be used already, just copy the shortcode and paste it on your website:

You can also freely create a whole new contact form that suits your needs:

Hostinger Mail server settings

IMAP (Incoming)

POP3 (Incoming)

SMTP (Outgoing)

Host: imap.hostinger.com

Port number: 993

Encryption: SSL

Host: pop.hostinger.com

Port number: 995

Encryption: SSL

Host: smtp.hostinger.com

Port number: 465

Encryption: SSL/TLS


Best practices

  • The From: address used in the Mail section of Contact form 7 is especially important in determining whether the sending and receiving of emails is working. Always use an email address that belongs to your domain that you have set up with your hosting plan

  • The "To" and "From" email cannot be the same

  • If the From address in the Mail section of the Contact form 7 interface is left empty, then by default it will be specified as <wordpress@yourdomain.tld>

  • If <wordpress@yourdomain.tld> mailbox is not created error will be shown while sending emails


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