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Domain admins can import email data into Titan from the email management page.

Recommended prerequisites for the actual import:

  1. Set up the DNS records on your domain

  2. Check the existing storage quota used at the remote source mailbox and see if it is lesser than the Titan mailbox available quota. You might need to upgrade your plan or delete unwanted emails at the remote source mailbox

  3. Find out the IMAP server hostname and keep the source email address and password handy

Once the prerequisites are met, we can proceed to the actual import process. For that open the Emails section and select your domain:

Click on Import Email Data:

There you will be presented with Import Email Data section, simply click on Import a mailbox:

Once there you will need to fill in the remote source inbox IMAP server, specify SSL settings, IMAP port, the actual address of source inbox along with the password. Lastly you will need to select your Titan email account (the one you want to import emails to) and click on Submit to start the import process:

That’s it! Now you know how to import your emails to Titan 😊


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