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Hostinger Email: Migration and Backup
How to Import Emails to Hostinger Email
How to Import Emails to Hostinger Email

Migrating your email accounts to Hostinger with the help of the Email Import tool

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If you use Hostinger Email and want to import emails from another provider, follow the steps below 👇

Step 1 – Gather Details

First, create the required email accounts at Hostinger Email. Importing emails to other email accounts is also possible but not recommended.

Next, make sure that the necessary Hostinger Email DNS records (MX, SPF, DKIM) are present in your domain's DNS zone.

Then, gather the following details:

  1. Source email account (email address)

  2. Source email password

  3. Mail server (IMAP) name

We have dedicated articles on gathering the above details from these providers: Gmail and Yahoo.

If you use any other email service or are not sure about your IMAP server, contact your email hosting provider to request this information.

Step 2 – Access the Email Import Tool

Go to the Emails section, and click on Manage next to the domain name in question. Then, open the Email Import section on the left, and click on New email import request:

Step 3 – Create the Import Request

  1. Prepare for import - If you are using Google or Yahoo as your email provider, you can access the dedicated guides at this point. For any other providers, click on Next step.

  2. Import from - Enter the full email account you want to import including the domain, e.g. support@domain.tld. Next, enter the password and IMAP mail server. Once ready, click on Next step

  3. Import to - Select the destination email account from the dropdown list. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same email account you had previously, meaning that you can migrate emails from e.g., support@domain.tld to contact@business.tld. Enter the destination account's password and click on Next step

  4. Summary - Once all the details are filled in, you'll be presented with a summary of the details of the source and target email accounts. Click on Start to begin the import:

That’s it! You may find all the requests and their statuses in the Requests section of the Import Email tool:

Once the migration is complete, you'll get an email notification.


Can multiple email accounts be imported at once?

Yes, you can submit multiple import requests at the same time.

What to do if the email import request is canceled?

You can retry the process within seven days.

How long does it take to import emails?

It may take from a few seconds to a few days. It depends on the number of emails, their size, and the email service provider you're importing from.

What is the size limit for imported email?

The source email account must not have messages larger than 50 MB, and the total size of all messages must be lower than your Hostinger mailbox storage limit.

Can emails be imported from any provider?

It's not recommended to import emails from Microsoft Exchange as the folder structure might break during the process.

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