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How to Upgrade a Hostinger Email Plan
How to Upgrade a Hostinger Email Plan

Upgrading your Hostinger Email plan

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Each new Hostinger Email account created as part of the free accounts included in your hosting plan provides you with 1 GB of storage for each mailbox, which is more than enough for the average user. If you are looking for more storage and security, you can upgrade your email accounts to Business Starter or Business Premium.

If you have multiple email accounts linked to the same domain name (e.g., hello@domain.tld, support@domain.tld, contact@domain.tld) and want to upgrade your email service, the upgrade applies to all the email accounts of a particular domain.

In other words, it is not possible to upgrade only a specific email account (if there are more of them linked to the same domain) 💡

What Are the Advantages of Upgrading?

  • Enterprise-grade spam and phishing protection for incoming and outgoing emails – the same used by Google and Microsoft Outlook

  • More inbound/outbound email capacity – you can find a comprehensive comparison here: Parameters and Limits of Hostinger Email

  • More storage: 10 GB with Business Starter and 50 GB with Business Premium per each email account

How to Upgrade

Open the Emails section, and click on Manage next to your domain name:

The Email section showing how to access email management for a domain

Once there, select Upgrade your email plan:

The Upgrade your email plan button on the Emails management page


  • If you have a Business Premium email plan, you will see an option to purchase additional mailboxes instead 💡

How to Purchase an Email Plan Separately

In case you don’t have a hosting plan yet, or you only need email hosting, you can

purchase an email plan only. All you need to do is open the Emails section and select Get new email plan:

The Get new email plan button in the Email section

There, you will be able to choose the Business Email plan, the number of email accounts you wish to purchase, and the billing period 😊

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