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How to Get Additional Email Accounts With Hostinger Email
How to Get Additional Email Accounts With Hostinger Email

Purchasing additional email accounts with your Business Starter or Business Premium Hostinger Email plan

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At Hostinger, we have two professional email hosting plans: Business Starter and Business Premium. If you have either of these email plans and wish to get additional mailboxes, follow the steps below:

If you're using the Hostinger Free Email included with your Web or Cloud hosting plan, check this article instead: How to Create and Manage Email Accounts 💡

How to Add Mailboxes

  • To add mailboxes for the same domain:

    • Navigate to the Emails section of hPanel and click on Manage next to your domain name

    • Click on Get additional email accounts:

      Purchasing additional mailboxes with Hostinger Email

    • You will be presented with a pop-up window where you will be able to choose how many email accounts you want to add and purchase them with just a few clicks:

      Purchasing additional mailboxes with Hostinger Email

  • To add mailboxes for a different domain, you will need to purchase a separate email plan, as each email plan can only be associated to one domain.

How Is the Additional Mailboxes Price Determined?

When you purchase additional mailboxes, all your email accounts must have the same expiration date. This means you can't have different billing periods for each mailbox.

The cost of each extra mailbox is determined by your email plan's expiration date, following this formula:

Additional mailbox price = [ (Number of months purchased × Monthly price) / ( Full plan time ÷ Time left until plan expiration) ] × Number of extra email accounts

Here's how it works:

  • On March 1st, you purchase one email account for one year at $30

  • Six months later, on September 1st, you decide to buy one more email account

  • You pay $15 for the additional account on September 1st. Both mailboxes, as part of the same email plan, will expire on March 1st of the next year

In this example, [(12 × 2.5)/(12 ÷ 6)] × 1 = 15

Now you know how to add more mailboxes to your Hostinger professional email plan 😊

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