Each new email account created via hPanel provides you with 1GB of storage for each mailbox, this is more than enough for casual usage. Although if you are looking for more storage and security, email accounts can be easily upgraded to Business Starter or Business Premium.

What are the advantages of upgrading?

  • Enterprise-grade spam and phishing protection for incoming and outgoing emails (such protection is also used by Google and Microsoft Outlook)

  • More inbound/outbound emails per hour/day (comprehensive comparison can be found here - Parameters and features of Hostinger Emails)

  • More storage (10GB with Business Starter and 30GB with Business Premium per each email account)

How to upgrade?

Open the Emails section and select your domain:

Once there, select Upgrade plan:


How to purchase an email plan separately?

In case you don’t have a hosting plan yet or only need email hosting, you can easily purchase an email plan separately. All you need to do is open the Emails section and select New Email Plan:


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