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How to Create and Start a Minecraft Server at Hostinger
How to Create and Start a Minecraft Server at Hostinger

Creating and starting your first server via Game Panel

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Starting a Minecraft Server on your Minecraft VPS at Hostinger is very easy, just follow these steps:

Log in to your Game Panel and click on the Create Instance button:

Then choose the preferred Minecraft Edition and press Create Instance:

The following editions are available:

Minecraft Edition



Java Edition


Best for servers with plugins or mods when you and your friends are playing on computers only

Bedrock Edition

Any (computer, console, smartphone)

Best for playing with your friends or family without having to worry about what platform they are on

BungeeCord Proxy

Spigot/Craftbukkit on PC only

Perfect for large servers that offer several different modes, such as minigames and factions, or servers that just want to keep things separated

Once the preferred Edition has been selected, allow a few minutes for the server to be set up (you will see the loading icon in the right-hand corner):

When the server’s setup process is done, click on your instance and select Manage:

Once there, click on the Start button and accept Minecraft Server EULA. After that, the newest Minecraft server will start downloading:

When the download is complete, click on the Start button again. The server will start, and you will be able to connect to it by using Endpoint information:

That's it! Now you know how to set up your first Minecraft server 😊

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