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How to Enable WordPress Overview on hPanel
How to Enable WordPress Overview on hPanel

Enabling the WordPress Overview section via hPanel

Updated over a week ago

The WordPress Overview in hPanel is a convenient tool to see all the important information about your website and manage the basic settings without the need to log in to your website’s administrator dashboard every time.

It is enabled automatically whenever you install WordPress via Auto Installer. In case you migrated or installed WordPress manually, you can easily enable it by opening WebsitesManage, searching for WordPress Overview on the left sidebar, and clicking on it:

The WordPress Overview option in hPanel

If the Overview option does not appear, search WordPress under the Website section, you will be able to perform this action from there as well.

Next, select the domain or subdomain from the drop-down list and click on Detect:

Detecting the WordPress installation on a website at Hostinger


  • The drop-down will be available only if you have created subdomains

Give it up to 10 minutes and refresh the page - the WordPress overview should be added to your hPanel!

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