How to create it?

You can easily create a WordPress staging website by opening HostingManage:

And selecting Staging under the WordPress section:

In case you don’t see the WordPress section, make sure to detect your existing WordPress website.

Once there, simply click on Create staging:

Then, specify the subdomain name and click on Create:

That’s it! Now you will have a staging website where you will be able to do all sorts of edits or configurations without breaking your live site 😊


  • Keep in mind that the staging feature is available on Business (Business WordPress) plans or above, as lower plans resources might not be enough for intensive websites

  • Staging websites are created as subdomains. In case you cannot create any more staging websites - you will need to upgrade your plan

  • For all staging websites, you will have exactly the same WordPress Dashboard as for the original website

  • Pushing changes done on the staging website is not possible yet, thus you would need to move files to the live website manually as guided here: How to move website's content to another domain name?

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