Every hosting plan comes with a dedicated amount of storage space and inodes. You can always check the limit for your hosting plan at our website or directly in hPanel on the Order Usage section:

In case your account is reaching the limit of disk usage or inodes, your website might display a 503 error.

There are 2 options to quickly identify how much disk space and how many inodes each folder of your account is using:

  1. Using File Manager (beta)

  2. Using SSH

How to check inodes and disk usage per folder in File Manager

Open Hosting Manage, search for File Manager (beta) on the sidebar and click on it:

Open the folder whose usage you would like to check (for example, public_html), and click on Calculate directory sizes in the top right corner:

After calculations, you will see detailed information about directories sizes as well as inode count in the Size column:

How to check inodes and disk usage per folder using SSH

Alternatively, you can check the information using SSH (this option is available for all plans except for Shared Single and Single WordPress).

For this:

  • Connect to your account via SSH

  • Make sure you are in the correct directory (for example, public_html). To do this, run the command ls. If you are in a different directory, you can use ls and cd commands one by one

For most sites, the path will look like this:

cd domains
cd domain.com (where domain.com is your domain)
cd public_html

When you are in the correct directory, run these commands:

  • To check the inode count (list sorted in descending order):

find . -printf "%h\n" | cut -d/ -f-2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn

The result will look similar to this:

  • To check disk usage (list sorted in descending order):

du -shc * | sort -rh

The result will look similar to this:

Now you know how to check your inodes count and disk usage in detail!

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