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How to Enable Cloudflare Development Mode
How to Enable Cloudflare Development Mode

Enabling the development mode to bypass cache at Cloudflare

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As Cloudflare acts by storing a cached version of your website, sometimes this means that the changes in the development of your website are not displayed right away, taking time to update.

To bypass Cloudflare’s cache, you can use Development Mode. It disables caching for 3 hours, so you can make changes to your site and check them in real time.

How to Enable Development Mode

Log in to your Cloudflare Dashboard and select your domain. There you will find two alternative methods to activate it:

  • On the Overview tab, click on the Development Mode toggle:

The Development Mode toggle
  • Or, from the Caching tab, click on Configuration:

The Caching Configuration menu option at Cloudflare

Once there, scroll down to Development Mode. To enable it, simply toggle it to On:

The Development Mode toggle

That’s it! Now you know how to manage Development Mode on Cloudflare 😊

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