How to Clear Cache

Clearing your browser cache, DNS cache, and website cache

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A cache is a temporary storage area on your computer or network device where frequently accessed data – such as web page content and elements – is stored, making subsequent visits to the same page faster.

This is a very useful tool, though sometimes outdated information or website errors can get cached. To fix it, all you need to do is clear all the possible places where the cache can be stored:

  • Web browser – Try opening the website from a different browser. If that helps, clear your browser's cache. If the issue persists from one browser while others work, try disabling any browser extensions you have

  • DNS cache – Your computer also stores recently resolved domain name-to-IP address mappings, so you can try flushing it as well by checking this video tutorial: How to Flush DNS Cache

  • Internet connection – If using a proxy, such as or VPN Book, or switching to a different internet connection (e.g., mobile data) works for you, reboot the modem/router, unplug and plug in your internet cable

  • Device – Check the website from a different device (computer, phone, tablet). If that helped, restart the device which has issues when accessing the website

The Website Shows Outdated Content

If you see outdated content on your website, in addition to the steps above, make sure to try the following:

Cache Manager is not available if your site is created with Hostinger Website Builder. In this case, when seeing outdated content on a builder-based site, it's enough to clear your browser's cache 💡

Your website should be accessible after completing these steps.

How to Know if the Website is Available

If you want to check whether the issue is local or global quickly, you can use these online tools:

  • Down for everyone, or just me? – This website reports if the website is reachable around the world. The result of a working website should look like this:

The result of checking the status of a website on Down for Everyone or Just Me
  • GeoPeeker – Checks if the website is reachable and also gives you previews from various locations all around the world. If the website is not working, you will see a result like this:

The result of checking an unreachable website using GeoPeeker
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