A cache is data stored locally, which helps you to access favorite websites faster. However, sometimes website errors or outdated information get cached. To fix this issue, all you need to do is clear all types of caches which might be the reason.

If you have issues accessing the website

  1. Try opening the website from a different browser. If that helped, clear your browser's cache - in case you use Firefox, we have a video tutorial prepared for you. If accessing from a different browser helped, try disabling any browser extensions you have

  2. Flush your computer's DNS cache (video tutorial)

  3. Try using a proxy, such as Proxysite.com, VPN Book, or any other that works for you. If that helped, restart your internet connection: reboot modem/router, unplug and plug in your Internet cable

  4. Check the website from a different device (computer, phone, tablet). If that helped, restart the device which has issues when accessing the website

  5. Try disabling the website's plugins

If you see outdated content

If you see outdated content on your website, in addition to the steps above, make sure to try:

  1. Clearing your website's cache. If your website is WordPress-based, we prepared a video tutorial for you

  2. If you use Cloudflare, purge Cloudflare cache

  3. If you have hosting Cache Manager enabled, purge it manually

Your website should be accessible by now 😊

How to know if the website is available to my customers?

If you want to quickly check whether it's a local or global issue, you can use one of the websites below:

The result of a working website should look like this:

  • GeoPeeker - this website also gives you previews from various locations all around the world

If the website is not working, you will see a result like this:

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