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Troubleshooting Cloudflare Universal SSL
Troubleshooting Cloudflare Universal SSL

Enabling and disabling Universal SSL via the Cloudflare Dashboard

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Universal SSL is essential for your website to work with HTTPS when you don’t have a valid SSL certificate yet. In the majority of cases, it’s recommended to keep Universal SSL enabled. However, sometimes you may need to restart the Universal SSL to solve some certificate-related issues.

If you have enabled Cloudflare for your domain, you can manage Universal SSL from the Cloudflare Dashboard:

  1. Log into Cloudflare and click on the domain in question. Then in the left menu, choose SSL/TLSEdge Certificates:

    The Edge Certificates option in Cloudflare
  2. Scroll down to the Disable Universal SSL section and click on Disable Universal SSL:

    The Disable Universal SSL button
  3. Wait for a minute and then enable it once again by clicking on Enable Universal SSL:

The Enable Universal SSL button

That's it! Your Universal SSL should be working correctly 😊

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