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Hostinger Email: Migration and Backup
How to Migrate Emails From Yahoo to Hostinger Email
How to Migrate Emails From Yahoo to Hostinger Email

Migrating email accounts from Yahoo to Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

To migrate emails from Yahoo to Hostinger Email, follow the steps below 👇

Step 1 – Prerequisites

To properly migrate email accounts from Yahoo, you need to generate an app password for the account:

Make sure to save the app password – it’s only shown once! If you missed it, delete it and generate a new one 💡

Step 2 – Gather Details

To successfully migrate your accounts to us, gather these details from Yahoo:

  1. Source email account – your email account address

  2. Source email password – the generated app password

  3. Mail Server (IMAP) name – for Yahoo, it’s

Step 3 – Initiate Migration

Finally, once the above steps are taken care of, access the Email Import tool and initiate the migration 😊

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