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This article is meant for migrating to Hostinger Emails, in case you are using Titan, check this article: How to import emails to Titan?

STEP 1 - Gather details

After you have already created the same email accounts (migrating to other email accounts is also possible, but not recommended) which you had with your previous provider and all of the DNS records are set - you can proceed with email migration.

To successfully migrate your emails to us, you will need to gather the required details:

  1. Source email account

  2. Source email password

  3. Mail Server (IMAP) name

We have also prepared comprehensive articles on gathering details for these providers:

If you are not using these providers or are not sure about your IMAP server, you can always contact your previous hosting provider.

STEP 2 - Access Email Import tool

To migrate your accounts, open the Emails→ domain name → Email Import page and click on New email import request:

STEP 3 - Initiate account importing

Once the Import from form is filled you will need to select the destination email account. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be the same email account you had previously (meaning, that you can migrate emails from f.e. support@domain.tld to main@another-domain.tld):

After everything is done you will see a summary with Source and Destination email accounts. To start the importing process, simply click on Start:

That’s it! Now you can close the email import page and continue using hPanel. You will see all previously submitted migration requests on the same page, and see their progress:

Whenever the migration is complete, you will get a notification.


  • Importing is not limited to one email account, you can set up multiple import requests at the same time

  • You can retry a canceled email importing process within 7 days

  • Importing can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few days, depending on the number of emails, their size, and providers you are importing from

  • Source account must not have messages bigger than 50 MB of size

  • It is not recommended to import emails from Microsoft Exchange as folder structure might be broken

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