Checking PHP version from the PHP Info page

Your PHP version can be set on the PHP Configuration page. That is the PHP version, which applies to your website. To check, which PHP version is currently used, go to HostingManage, search for PHP info on the sidebar and click on it:

Your current PHP version will be displayed at the top:

Checking PHP version using files

A different PHP version can be applied to a specific folder or subdomain. To check, if the change was done correctly, all you need to do is access the folder which you would like to test. Then, create a new file with php extension, for example, phpinfo.php.

Add the following code to the file:

// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL

The file will look like this:

After this, access this file by URL. Just type your domain name, then the folder, and add the filename. For the file above, the path would be:


The PHP version should be displayed at the top:


  • Changing PHP versions using files is not recommended, as it doesn't include PHP extensions and options. Thus, it might affect the website's work

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