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How to Boost Your Hosting Account
How to Boost Your Hosting Account
Using the Boost performance option in hPanel
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There are certain situations where you may need extra resources on your hosting account, such as:

  • An expected temporary increase in website traffic

  • Importing large amounts of data

  • Full website update

  • Trying out a higher hosting plan without any commitment

For these cases, you can use the boosting option! Boosting will provide you with the capacity of a higher hosting plan for 24 hours, increasing the performance, so you can accomplish these tasks in less time and reducing the possibility of errors due to having reached your plan’s limits.

You can boost your account by navigating to Websites → Manage. Search for Resources Usage on the left sidebar and click on it:

At the top of this section, click on Boost now:

Next, you will be presented with your current hosting plan’s name and limits, as well as the name and limits of the plan equivalent to the boosting applied. Click on Boost to activate:

After activation and for the duration of the boost, the legend Boosting is activated will be shown in the Order usage section:

That’s it! Now you can perform the desired actions or prepare for your new visitors with a boosted account 😊

And in case your website is growing at a fast pace and needs more resources consistently, you can consider upgrading your hosting plan!


  • Boosting can be activated once per month. The option will be enabled again after one month has passed since the last boost

  • Boosting is not available on Cloud Enterprise plan

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