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How to Use Cache Manager
How to Use Cache Manager

Improve your website’s speed with the help of Cache Manager at Hostinger

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Caching is a common functionality to help websites load faster and improve SEO that can be achieved with different tools, such as a CDN or a WordPress plugin.

At Hostinger, you have a Cache Manager that supports all frameworks (HTML, WordPress, Laravel, etc.) and eliminates the need to manage the cache on a different platform. However, this feature is not supported with Hostinger Website Builder.

To enable it, go to Websites Manage, and search for Cache Manager:

The Cache Manager menu option

Next, click on the Automatic cache toggle. Once activated, Cache Manager will store the static content of your website, updating it every 30 minutes to ensure the latest version is visible.

If you want to display a recent change, you can also manually purge the cache for your whole website or just a specific URL:

The Cache Manager shoiwint how to purge all the website manually or a specific URL

If you still see outdated content after purging the cache, make sure to clear your local cache as well.


  • The Cache Manager can be used along with cache plugins for WordPress and/or CDN. In that case, whenever a new change is applied on your website, make sure to purge all the different enabled caches as well

  • For WordPress sites, you should only use one cache plugin at a time

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