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What is it?

LiteSpeed Memcache (LSMCD) is a caching system for dynamic web applications that works by reducing database load. Its performance and interface are similar to the popular Memcached. It stores website information and retrieves it as fast as possible without needing to reload the data itself.

Object cache works for images as well as some parts of your website's content.

How to manage it

At Hostinger, if you have a Web Business, WordPress Business or greater hosting plan, you can easily enable Object cache by opening Websites → Manage, searching for WordPress Dashboard in the sidebar, and clicking on it:

The WordPress Dashboard option on hPanel sidebar

Once there, make sure that LiteSpeed is enabled, or enable it if needed. Next, click on the toggle next to Object cache:

The WordPress Core section indicating the toggle to enable Object cache

That's it! Now Object Cache will be enabled for your WordPress website 😊


  • If you are actively developing your website, we recommend disabling any caching, so you can see changes instantly

  • In case your current plan does not include Object Cache and you are interested in this feature you can consider an upgrade to your plan

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