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What to Do If You're Charged a Different Amount
What to Do If You're Charged a Different Amount

Reasons why a payment may reflect a different amount on your payment method from the cart or invoice

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If you have purchased a service and the amount charged on your payment method is different from the price in the cart or on your receipt after payment, it can be due to the following reasons:

Payment in Installments

When you choose to pay in installments (if available), you can pick a different duration for the installments than the duration of your plan. This can cause a difference between the monthly price shown in the cart and the amount of each installment.

To solve this during the purchase, choose a plan that matches the available installments or to make the purchase in one payment.

If the installment option is provided by your financial institution, they may charge additional fees. In that case, you can contact them directly for more information about any applicable fees.

Using a Different Currency

When you use a payment method in a different currency than the one used for purchasing, your financial institution may apply an exchange fee. For example, if you buy something in, where prices are in USD, using a GBP card, your bank will charge an exchange fee for the transaction.

Financial institutions have different policies and currency conversion rates. To get more information, please get in touch with the company that issued your payment method.

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