By navigating to the Billing tab, you will see these four sections:

  1. Unpaid receipts - information about the number of unpaid invoices you currently have and their management

  2. Services - information about active services in your account and the status of their auto-renewal

  3. Payment history - information about the invoices you have already paid

  4. Payment Method - information about the payment method, which is currently active in your account, and its management

Unpaid receipts

If you have any unpaid invoices, on this page you will see their list and information about what is included in them.

You will also be able to print a receipt, pay for it, and delete it if you don’t need it anymore.


Here you can see the list of your services, their expiration dates, proceed with a domain or hosting renewal, change the billing cycle, and manage auto-renewal.

Payment history

Here you can see the list of all of your invoices sorted by the date they were created:

Not only that, you will be able to see your refunded invoices along with their statuses:

You can also check the details of a receipt of a specific invoice by clicking on the arrow in front of it:

There you will also find an opportunity to Print your receipt (choose PDF, if you want to download it).

Payment Method

The Payment Method section of your Billing page will allow you to add, manage, and delete payment methods to your account.

You can use saved payment methods to purchase any of our services with just one click. Additionally, you can enable auto-renewal for your services if you have an active payment method added.


That’s it! Now you know how to use the Billing section of hPanel at Hostinger 😊


  • If you would like to change the details of your invoice, you can update them on your profile. The changes made will be reflected on your invoices

  • You can use the field "Additional details" on your account profile information to add custom notes to your invoices. It will appear as "Other", in your data section of the invoice.

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