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The Security section of the WordPress dashboard allows you to manage your WordPress version, themes and plugins without accessing the WordPress administrator page, while also providing important security information that will help keep your site always secure and up to date!

It can be found by opening Websites Manage, searching for Security on the left sidebar, and clicking on it:

You will be presented with three sections with information and options to manage:

  • WordPress version

  • Installed themes

  • Installed plugins

In the first section, if you have the latest WordPress version, you will see it marked with a green checkmark. In case your core files need to be updated to the latest version, you will have the option to do so with a single click:

In the next two sections, you will see a list of all the installed themes on your website, which one is active, and whether they are secure:

As well as the plugins:

Let's go over each column:

  1. Installed theme/plugin - name of the theme or plugin. The active theme will be indicated

  2. Version - version number

  3. Security - shows whether the theme/plugin is secure or if a vulnerability has been detected by Patchstack

  4. Recommendation - suggestions to improve website security by taking actions on the plugin or theme.

  5. Activation toggle - easily enable or disable plugins without accessing the WordPress admin page

  6. Options - click to Update or Delete the theme or plugin:

That's it! Now you can manage your WordPress core files, themes and plugins from hPanel 😊


  • If you want to test any changes in plugins, and your hosting plan is Business, Business WordPress, or above, you can create a staging environment

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