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Website Builder: How to Add an Image Gallery
Website Builder: How to Add an Image Gallery

Learn how to add an image gallery to your website using the website builder

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In Hostinger Website Builder, there are several ways to add an image gallery:

Image Gallery Element

Within the website editor, expand the Add element panel on the left. Drag and drop the Gallery element to the preferred place on your web page:

Adding an image gallery element to a website in Hostinger Website Builder

Click on the element to see more options (edit, manage, duplicate, hide, delete, resize, etc.):

Galery management element options in Hostinger Website Builder

Edit gallery

Manage gallery

Click on Edit gallery to open the settings

General settings:

  • Select the layout: grid on masonry

  • Set a number of images per row

  • Change the gap between photos

  • Choose what happens on click: by default, a clicked gallery image is shown in the full-screen preview, but you can easily turn it off

Animation settings: How to Add Animations

Click on Manage gallery to do the following:

  • Add more images

  • Sort images: drag and drop images to switch their places

  • Delete images: hover the mouse over an unnecessary image, and you'll see a little trash bin icon – click it to delete the image


  • The grid layout displays images in strict squares and the masonry layout displays images in their original proportions:

Third-Party Image Gallery Widget

If you want something more custom, feel free to use third-party tools. Elfsight is one of many platforms that offer various embeddable widgets, including the Photo Gallery widget.

On Elfsight, you'll find a variety of image gallery templates. Once you select a template, customize it to your liking:

Creating a gallery widget on Elfsight

Once you're finished creating your widget, save it:

Creating a gallery widget on Elfsight

Then, click on Add to website and copy the integration code:

Copying the integration code on Elfsight

Paste the code into your website using the embed code element and resize it if necessary. Once done, update your website for the changes to reflect online.

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