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Website Builder: Homepage

Learn more about the homepage of your website created with Hostinger Website Builder

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A homepage is the main page of your website, the address of which is (usually) your root domain:

  • The address of your homepage is https://domain.tld

  • Meanwhile, the address of any other of your website pages would be https://domain.tld/contact, https://domain.tld/about, etc.

Using Hostinger Website Builder, you can easily set any page as a homepage in the page settings.

Within the builder, expand the Pages and navigation panel on the left, find the page in question, open its settings, and select Make homepage:

The Pages and navigation settings in Hostinger Website Builder

Once you set a new page as a homepage, the home icon appears next to its title. The previous homepage becomes a regular page:

Website's homepage in Hostinger Website Builder

You can also rename the homepage (and other pages) in the page settings. To change the display order of pages, drag them up or down by the six-dots handle.

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