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Website Builder: How to Unpublish a Website
Website Builder: How to Unpublish a Website

Unpublishing a website created with Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

Even though the unpublishing feature isn't yet supported in Hostinger Website Builder, there are several alternatives 👇

Option 1 – Publish the Landing Page Only (Recommended)

Create a landing page (e.g., “Coming soon”), make it the homepage, and hide the rest of your web pages you're still working on.

For more detailed instructions, please refer here: Website Builder: How to Create a Landing Page

Option 2 – Change the Domain

Change the domain connected to your website: replace your actual domain name with another one until you're ready to publish your website on the actual domain again.

There's no need to purchase an extra domain for this because you may use a subdomain. For instance, if your site is currently published on, you may change it to,, or similar.

To do so, follow these steps: Website Builder: How to Change a Domain

Once you're ready to publish the site on the actual domain name, use the same procedure.

Option 3 — Point the Domain Elsewhere

Update your domain nameservers, i.e., specify any other nameservers instead of the current ones. For instance, you can use the following nameservers:



If your domain is registered at Hostinger, follow this guide: How to Change Nameservers at Hostinger

New nameservers will make your website completely inaccessible. Once you're ready to publish your website again, point your domain back to Hostinger nameservers: and

Option 4 – Delete the Published Website and Work on Its Duplicate

If you delete your published website, it will go offline. Only make sure to duplicate it before deleting:

  1. Duplicate your website

  2. Delete the original website

  3. Keep working on the duplicate

Your duplicated website will remain unpublished as long as you don't click on Go live in the top-right of the builder.

Keep in mind that backups are created only when a website is published 💡

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