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Website Builder: Website's Sitemap
Website Builder: Website's Sitemap

Learn how to find your website's sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console

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A sitemap helps search engines discover your website and better understand its structure.

When creating a website with Hostinger Website Builder, you don't need to worry about configuring a sitemap – it’s done for you by default. Once you publish your website, you can access its sitemap by typing the domain.tld/sitemap.xml in the address bar of an internet browser:

The URL of the website's sitemap

Replace domain.tld with your actual domain name 💡

The sitemap.xml file is also automatically updated each time you update your website.

Submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console (GSC) may help index your website pages on Google 👇

1. Open your GSC account. If you haven't used GSC before, you'll be asked to add and verify your domain name.

2. In your GSC account, open the Sitemaps tab on the left:

The Sitemap section in Google Search Console

3. Enter your sitemap URL and click Submit:

The Submit button for submitting a website's sitemap in Google Search Console

The URL should contain WWW only if the WWW prefix is enabled in your website's general settings 💡

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