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Website Builder: Product SEO Settings
Website Builder: Product SEO Settings

Learn where to find the product SEO settings using Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

Once you create a product, the product page is created automatically. You can easily customize the SEO settings of your product page.

Within the builder, expand the Online store panel on the left. Find the product page in question, and click on the settings wheel to open the product page settings:

There are two tabs of settings: General and SEO:



Edit the product page URL

Edit the meta title and description of the product page

Hide the product page from search engines

After making the changes, remember to update your website.


  • You may add custom sections to each of your product pages; use additional sections to supplement your product page with authentic content: the more valuable, error-free, keyword-rich content there is on a page, the better chance it has to appear high in the search results

  • The product title is used as the alt text for the main product image by default

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