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Website Builder: How to Add Alt Text
Website Builder: How to Add Alt Text

Learn how to add alt text using Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

Adding alternative text to images not only makes your website more accessible for everyone (e.g., people using screen readers) but also helps search engines understand your page content better. In Hostinger Website Builder, there are two ways to add alt text to images:

In the Media Library

Open the media library and open the details of the preferred image file:

Viewing file details in the media library

Insert the description of the image and save it:

Adding alt text in the media library

Voilà 🎉

In the Image Element Settings

Click on the preferred image element and click on Change image. In the image settings, find the Alt text field and insert a description of the image there:

Adding alt text in the image element settings

You may also use an AI-generated alt text by clicking on Suggest using AI ✨

If you run an online store, the product title is automatically used as the alt text for the main product image by default:

Product title is used for the alt text of the main product image
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