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Website Builder: How to Add Images
Website Builder: How to Add Images

Learn how to add images to your website using Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

If you use Hostinger Website Builder and want to add images to your website, open the builder and expand the Add elements panel on the left. Select the image element, and drag and drop it to the preferred section of your site:

Adding an image element to a website using Hostinger Website Builder

Click on the element to see more options (edit, generate, change, crop & position, duplicate, hide/show, delete, resize, etc.):

Image element editing options in Hostinger Website Builder

To add your own image, click on the Change image icon (or Edit image Replace image), and select a file from your media library, browse free images, or upload your own.

Click on Edit image to see more options:


  • Replace image

  • Add alt text to make your website more accessible and improve its SEO ranking


  • Reset image proportions: bring the original image proportions back

  • Select the preferred corner radius units

  • Corner radius: round the corners of your image or make it completely round


  • Choose what happens when a website visitor clicks on an image: the image can be shown in full-screen or open a link


  • Set a preferred shape for the image element


  • Set a preferred animation for the image element


  • The maximum image file size is 15 MB; learn more 💡

  • You can use any image format

  • Images are automatically optimized behind the scenes for the best website performance

  • Image cropping is not supported for free (Unsplash) images and images in .SVG and .GIF formats

  • Learn how to add link preview images

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