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Website Builder: Media Library

Learn how to manage files and folders using Hostinger Website Builder

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A media library is a collection of various files and documents that are organized and stored in a centralized location. Learn about the media library in Hostinger Website Builder 👇

Accessing the Media Library

In the builder, click on Website settings in the bottom-left and select Media library:

The media library in Hostinger Website Builder

You can also access the media library when linking a file to a particular website element or when setting or updating visuals site-wide, for example:

In the media library, you can find all your files and folders and manage them:

  • Upload files

  • Create folders

  • Rename files and folders

  • Move files between folders

  • Add alt text to image files

  • Delete files and folders

Viewing File Details

Hover the mouse over a file to see the option Details:

File details in the media library

Click on it to see more details, such as the file path or dimensions:

Viewing file details in the builder's media library
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