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Website Builder: How to Use Heading Tags for SEO
Website Builder: How to Use Heading Tags for SEO

Learn how to use heading tags for SEO purposes with Hostinger Website Builder

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If you use Hostinger Website Builder, all text elements on your website are categorized as headings (titles and subtitles), paragraphs (descriptions), or navigational items (links).

If you're not sure about the style of a particular text element, click on it and select Edit text – you'll see the current text style in the toolbar:

Text style settings in Hostinger Website Builder

Learn more: How to Change Text Style 💡

Headings are important because they help visitors and search engines better understand your website content. Therefore, it's crucial to use keywords in headings.

There are six levels of headings: from Heading 1 (H1) to Heading 6 (H6), with H1 being considered the most essential. Here's how you can exploit the hierarchy of headings for SEO purposes:

  • Use H1 for titles that include your main keywords

    • Make sure the H1 heading is located at the top of your page and before any other headings

    • Avoid using multiple H1 tags on the same page: this can confuse search engines and dilute the focus of your content

  • Use H2 to break up your content into sections, using similar keywords to the H1 tag

  • Use H3 to break up the content into smaller sections

If you set Heading 1 as a text element's style, the text will automatically have a <h1> tag in your website's code:

In the website's source code, the <h1> tag is visible for the text written in Heading 1 style</h1>

Remember to use your best keywords there: this will make search engines love your website even more!

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