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Website Builder: How to Add a Map
Website Builder: How to Add a Map

Show your location by adding a map into your website

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There are several ways to add a map to your website:

Map element

Within the editor, open the Add elements panel on the left. Choose the Map element and drag it to the preferred place on your website:

Click on the element to see more options (edit, duplicate, hide, delete, resize):

Click Edit map and insert the preferred address; you can simply copy it from Google Maps.

NOTE: Instead of using the map element, you may also insert a dedicated map section into your website

Use Google My Maps

If you run a business in several locations and want to mark all of them on the map, you can do that with My Maps by Google.

1. Create the map

Open Google My Maps, and click Create a new map. Click on Untitled map, and add the name and description of your map. You can also choose the map appearance by clicking on Base map:

In the search bar, insert your address and place a marker on the preferred area on the map:

Click Add to map:

This way, you can mark more addresses on the map:

2. Embed the map to your website

Once you've created your map, it is time to embed it into your website. The first step is to make it visible for everyone – click Share:

Toggle the options Anyone with this link can view and Let others search for and find this map on the Internet. Click Share on Drive:

Finally, click Done:

Now, you're ready to get a code. Click on the ellipsis button at the top of the settings window, and click Embed on my site:

You'll get the code of your map. Copy it, and paste it into your website using the embed code element. If you want the map to be bigger or smaller, resize the code element or change the width and height numbers in the code within the embed code element:

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