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Website Builder: How to Add and Customize Website Sections
Website Builder: How to Add and Customize Website Sections

Learn how to create and manage website sections using Hostinger Website Builder

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Together with pages and elements, sections are important structural components of a website.

While using Hostinger Website Builder, you may choose from a variety of sections: an image gallery, footer, contact, etc. You can even insert blank sections into your page and design them from scratch. Remember that all website sections are easily customizable.

Add a New Section

To add a new section, access the builder, place the cursor in between two sections and click on Add section:

The button "Add section" in Hostinger Website Builder

On the left, choose the type of a section or get creative with a blank section:

Types of sections in Hostinger Website Builder

If you select a specific type of section, you'll get a variety of section templates to choose from. Click on the preferred template, and such a section will be inserted into your page:

Section templates in Hostinger Website Builder

Remember that you can easily personalize sections: add, remove, or re-organize elements, change the background, and so on!

Customize Section Settings

To open section settings, click on the section in question. You'll see the settings menu in the top-right corner of a section. There's also a section height handle on the bottom section border – drag it up or down to resize the section:

Section management options in Hostinger Website Builder

Here, you can do the following:

Change background

Set a color or image background: How to Change the Section Background

Section settings

It consists of three main tabs:

  1. Layout – these options help align elements and maintain consistent spacing; these settings are saved for each section individually:

    1. Snap to guides

    2. Snap to elements

    3. Row height

    4. Row gap


Duplicate a section

Move up/down

Move a section up or down



Delete a section


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