You can easily create a link to a particular section on your website.

1. Open the website builder and find the section you want to link to.

2. Click anywhere on that section and click on the settings wheel to open section settings:

3. In the Anchor tab, create the Anchor name. It should start with the hash symbol (#), for example, #contact. It's like a title of the section, and it will be a part of the URL:

4. Copy the full URL and click outside the settings box to save and close it.

5. Now, you can insert that section link on your page: in the website menu, texts, images, or buttons. Once clicked upon, the link will take you to the particular section.

6. When you're finished, update the website for your changes to reflect online.


  • The anchor name must start with a letter (#anchor-name, not #1-anchor-name)

  • Anchors are not yet supported for blog, slideshow, and store sections

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