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Together with pages and elements, sections are important structural components of a website.

You may choose from a variety of sections: image gallery section, footer section, contact section, etc. You can even insert blank sections into your page and design them from scratch. Remember that all website sections are easily customizable.

Learn how to:

Add a new section

To add a new section, within the editor, place the cursor in-between two sections and click Add section:

On the left, choose the type of a section or get creative with a blank section:

If you select a specific type of section, you'll get a variety of section templates to choose from – simply click on the preferred template and such a section will be inserted into your page:

Remember that you can easily personalize sections: add, remove, or re-organize elements, change the background, and so on!

Customize section settings

To open section settings, click on the section in question. You'll see the settings menu in the top-right corner of a section. There's also a section height handle on the bottom section border – drag it up or down to resize the section:

There are three tabs of section settings:


Set a color or image background: How to change the section background


  • Snap to guides

  • Snap to elements

  • Row height

  • Row gap size

These options help align elements and maintain consistent spacing; these settings are saved for each section individually


Additionally, you can do the following actions:

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