When submitting your pages to Google Search Console, you may receive such messages:

  • Discovered – currently not indexed

  • Crawled – currently not indexed

These notifications don't necessarily mean that there are any problems with your pages or their URLs.

The words discovered and crawled mean that Google is aware of your pages, but has decided to not index them yet. Therefore, such pages won't appear in search results for some time.

Do not worry, as it is very normal and usual for newly created websites/pages that still lack authority or high-quality content. These pages can still get indexed in time, for sure!

To achieve that faster, it's necessary to put some work into improving your website's content and SEO score. A good SEO score means that the website is thorough, has valuable content on it, attracts traffic, and is overall worthwhile to be in Google search results.

Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Create athentic high-quality content

  • Check if all your pages have meta titles and descriptions

  • Make sure your website has a good structure of internal links

  • Add alt text to your images – this will make your website more accessible

  • To make your website even faster, check if it isn't polluted with unused code and remove unnecessary integrations

  • Attract more visitors by sharing your website on various social media channels

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