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Website Builder: How to Add Products
Website Builder: How to Add Products

Learn how to create and manage products in your online store created with Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

With Hostinger Website Builder, you can easily add products to your store:

  1. In the store management area, go to Products, and click on Add product

  2. Choose the product type: physical, digital, service, donation, appointment

  3. (Optional) Upload product images

  4. Enter a product title — it's automatically used as the meta title of the product page

  5. (Optional) Enter a product subtitle

  6. (Optional) Add a product ribbon

  7. (Optional) Add a product description

  8. Specify the price: it can't be discretionary or set to zero; the minimum product price is 1 USD (or its equivalent in other currencies)

  9. (Optional) Specify the discount price

  10. (Optional) Add a SKU number

  11. (Optional) Specify product weight; this attribute is applicable to physical products only

  12. (Optional) Click on Track quantity and specify how many products you have in stock

  13. (Optional) Add product options

  14. (Optional) Assign a product to a category

  15. (Optional) If it's a digital product, upload a file

  16. Finally, save the product

Once you create a product, its product page is created automatically. To display products on your website, use product sections.

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