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How to Copy a WordPress Website to Another Domain Name
How to Copy a WordPress Website to Another Domain Name

Duplicating your WordPress website on a different domain at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

The Copy Website feature is not available in Hostinger Website Builder. If you wish to change the domain of a website created with the builder, check this article: Website Builder: How to Change a Domain 💡

If you want to change the domain name of your WordPress website and both origin and destination domains are hosted in your account, you can easily do so using the Copy Website tool! This feature will duplicate the original WordPress website on the new domain or subdomain.

While the original files will remain the same, copying a website will overwrite the current content on the destination domain or subdomain – you can create and download a backup in case you want to keep it.

Once you're ready, navigate to the Websites section and click on the Dashboard button next to your WordPress site. Then, on the left, search for Copy Website and click on it:

The Copy Website feature in hPanel

Then, from the dropdown, select the destination domain or subdomain and click on Start copying:

The Copy website feature in hPanel

If the preferred destination domain or subdomain doesn't appear in the list, it means it's not hosted in your Hostinger account: How to Add a Website 💡

You will get a warning regarding data loss. If you're ready to overwrite the current website, check the box and click on Start copying anyway:

The Copy website feature in hPanel

Depending on the size of your website, it can take up to 15 minutes. After that, it will appear as completed on the list in the same section:

Copying a website from one domain to another

You will have a copy of your original website on the new domain – all the information, such as domain name and links, will be updated automatically 🚀


  • You can copy as many websites as you need, one at a time; subdomains need to be copied separately

  • Only files and databases are copied; email accounts, FTP accounts, and SSH keys need to be created manually on the new domain

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