In case you want to copy a WordPress website and both origin and destination domains are hosted at Hostinger, you can easily do so with the Copy website functionality! This feature will create a duplicate of the original WordPress website in the new domain.

While the original files will remain the same, copying a website will overwrite the current content on the destination domain or subdomain - you can create and download a backup in case you want to keep it.

Once you're ready, on your panel, go to Websites → Manage

Then, in the left sidebar, search for Copy website and click on it:

Select the destination domain or subdomain from the drop-down list and click Start Copying:

You will see a warning regarding data loss. If you're ready to overwrite the current website, check the box and click Start copying anyway:

Depending on the size of your website, it can take up to 15 minutes. After that, it will appear as completed on the list in the same section:

That's it! You will have a copy of your original website on the new domain - all the information such as domain name and links will be updated automatically!


  • You can copy as many websites as you need, one at a time

  • If you copy from one domain to another, only the content of the domain will be copied. Subdomains will not be copied

  • Only files and databases are copied. Email accounts, FTP and SSH keys need to be created on the new domain manually

  • Copy website is available for Shared Premium, WordPress Starter or greater hosting plan. In case you have Shared Single or WordPress Single and want to use this feature - you can consider upgrading your plan

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