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Hostinger Email: DNS Records
How to Add a Custom DKIM Record for Hostinger Email
How to Add a Custom DKIM Record for Hostinger Email

Enabling custom DKIM records for Hostinger Email

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DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) records are specific DNS records that protect your domain against spoofing and phishing attempts. It verifies that all the outgoing emails are indeed sent by you.

Using DKIM also prevents your emails from being marked as spam.

Setting Up a Custom DKIM Record

To create a custom DKIM record for Hostinger Email:

1. Go to the Emails section and click on Manage next to the email service in question.

2. Navigate to the Custom DKIM section and click on Generate:

Generating a custom DKIM record for Hostinger Email

If the Generate button is grayed out, you'd need to upgrade your Hostinger Email plan to enable this feature 💡

3. Finally, create a new TXT record in your domain's DNS zone using the generated values.

After making these changes, give them up to 24 hours to propagate worldwide 💡

Verifying a Custom DKIM Record

Once DNS propagation is completed, you can verify if the DKIM record is added correctly.

In the email management panel, navigate to the Custom DKIM section, add the checkmark next to "I have added the DKIM record to my DNS zone," and click on Verify:

Verifying if a custom DKIM record is added successfully

Managing a Custom DKIM Record

Once you verify that the custom DKIM record is successfully added to your domain's DNS zone, you'll be able to view the details of the record, as well as find the option to remove it:

Managing a custom DKIM record

If you remove the custom DKIM, your emails resume using the default DKIM record.

Custom and default DKIM records can be enabled at the same time - they do not conflict 💡

Now you know how to create and manage custom DKIM records with Hostinger Email!

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