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If you are using Titan Email, your emails are automatically signed with a default key.

In case you wish to create a custom DKIM, yu can do so by going to the Emails section of your panel, selecting the domain name to reach the email management page and clicking on Custom DKIM:

Scroll down and click on Get Started Now to generate a custom DKIM record for your domain:

It will look similar to this:

Next, create a new TXT record on your domain's DNS Zone using the generated values. You can find a detailed guide here: How to manage TXT records in hPanel.

If your domain is pointing elsewhere by nameservers, you will need to go to your domain’s active DNS Zone and create the DKIM records as TXT records.

After making these changes to your DNS records, allow up to 24 hours for them to propagate fully, and they will be good to go! 😊

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