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DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) records are a type of DNS record that adds a custom digital signature to all your outgoing emails. This improves security by verifying that the message was actually sent by you and ensuring that the message has not been altered.

Using DKIM also prevents your messages from being sent to the spam folder of your recipient, so it is always recommended to have DKIM records added to your domain.

If you are using Hostinger Email and your domain is pointing to Hostinger by nameservers, the default shared DKIM records are added automatically.

In case they are missing, you can add them by navigating to the Emails section of your panel. Choose your domain name and select DNS settings on the left sidebar. Next, scroll down to the Manage Email Delivery section and click on Set default next to DKIM:

If your domain is pointing somewhere else by nameservers, you can add the default DKIM records for Hostinger on your domain’s DNS Zone as CNAME records using the following values:


Points to











After making this change to your domain’s DNS records, consider up to 24 hours for them to propagate and it will be good to go! 😊

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