If you get a 403 error after logging into your control panel, it is commonly because the IP you're connecting from has been reported for suspicious activity, also referred as bad IP reputation.

Public IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP) are usually shared among several users. This means that any report is most likely not related in particular to your online activity but may result from some other users with the same IP - for example, if they sending large volumes of email, or creating excessive traffic to certain websites.

When an IP is reported, it becomes blacklisted by one or several security services, blocking access to certain pages.

Removing the report or whitelisting the IP is not possible for a single user and can take a lot of time. In this case, you have the following alternatives:

  • Use a VPN - Virtual Private Networks establish the connection from a different IP. Some browsers such as Opera and Firefox have built-in VPN capabilities. You can also consider purchasing a dedicated VPN such as NordVPN

  • Contact your ISP - they can check for blocks on the IP and possibly work on its removal. Alternatively, they can assign you a different IP

Once you have applied any of these solutions, make sure to clear your browser cache before trying to access hPanel again 😊


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