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This error usually occurs if you're using Google Chrome or a Chrome-based web browser, indicating an issue with the connection from your device to the website:

If you encounter it, you can try the following solutions:

  • First and easiest - check that your device is connected, otherwise restart your modem/router

  • Reset your network settings:

If you got Windows, check this article: How to reset network settings in Windows 10?

For Mac: Go to System Preferences → Network, select Wi-Fi, and click on the minus button to delete the current configuration. Then, click on the plus button and select Wi-Fi from the drop-down menu to set up a new connection

For Linux - open Terminal and use this command: sudo service network-manager restart

If the issue persists, you can still verify that your website is working by using a different device as well as a different network; for example, on your mobile using data instead of Wi-Fi or using a proxy website, such as kproxy.com or proxysite.site.

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