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How to Use Traceroute
How to Use Traceroute

Understanding the results of tracert or traceroute command

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If your website is working though you can't see it from your location after clearing cache, you can check for connectivity issues. Based on which OS you are using on your computer, open Terminal or Command prompt:


What to open and how


Click Ctrl + Alt + T or Search → Terminal to run terminal

Mac OS

In Spotlight search for Terminal


Click Win + R, type cmd and press Enter to reach Command prompt

Next, run the following command in Windows:


Or this command for Linux and Mac OS:


Where is the IP of your hosting plan. You can find your IP address at Websites → Manage → Plan details, in the Website details section:

The Website Details section on hPanel showing the hosting IP address

If you get a result like this:

The Windows command prompt where a tracert is run to a sample IP and the result shows a traceroute

It means that your connection to our server is being lost at the last point before the first line with Request timed out.

To solve this issue, contact your ISP and ask them to change your network routing. If this is not an option or the issue persists, you can try the following:

  • Check again at a later time - it may relate to a wider ISP issue that could resolve by itself

  • Connect using a VPN. Or, if you’re already using a VPN, try disabling it

  • Use Namebench to re-route the connection. You can download the required application here: Google Code Archive - Namebench

  • Use a CDN, such as Cloudflare, that will store a cached copy of your website on its servers around the world

Additional resources:

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