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If you want to send emails via Prestashop, you will need to add the mail parameters. To do it, go to your Prestashop Administrator Panel, scroll down on the sidebar and click on Advanced Parameters → E-mail:

The E-Mail option in Prestashop's Advanced Parameters

On the Email section, select Set my own SMTP parameters:

The Email section at PrestaShop showing email sending, Set my own SMTP parameters is selected

This will open the configuration options. You will need to configure the SMTP server according to your type of email service:

For example, for Hostinger Email, it will look similar to this:

The SMTP parameters section with sample data to send email via PrestaShop
  • Email domain name - the domain name of your PrestaShop website (or leave blank)

  • SMTP server - the host of your email server, obtained using the article indicated above

  • SMTP username - your full email address as created on your hosting panel

  • SMTP password - your email address password

  • Encryption - select TLS

  • SMTP Port - use the 587 port

When all is good to go, click on Save to apply the changes.

After this is done, we recommend you test it by clicking on Send Test Email:

The Test your email configuration section showing where to add a test recipient and where to press to send a test message

That's it, now you can send emails from PrestaShop using your email.

Fixing possible errors

If you have verified that your email services are enabled, it is highly recommended to reset your email password and input the SMTP parameters one more time.

Alternatively, you can change the encryption method, eg. if you entered TLS port 587, try SSL port 465 instead.

Expected response code 354 error

If you get the following error when sending the test email:

Error: Please check your configuration
Expected response code 354 but got code "554", with message "554 5.5.1 Error: no valid recipients "

It means the email address you are using to send does not match the Contacts and Shop registered emails. To fix it, make sure all three emails are the same – Go to Shop Parameters → Contacts, and update the email address on the Contacts tab:

The PrestaShop Administrator page Contacts tab showing how to edit the contact details

Next, go to the Stores tab and update the email address:

The PrestaShop Administrator page Stores tab showing how to edit the shop email address

Scroll down this page and click Save. Now that the emails match with the SMTP username you have entered in the Email section, you can send the test message 😊

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